Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sneaking up to Montrose

I tried to surprise my friend Mike Saturday night with a trip up to Montrose to see our buddies Byron, Darrin and Darrin's wife Kathy, and their 3 kids. (Byron's wife Brenda was out of town.)

I say "Tried" because after getting a little turned around (i.e. lost) with our directions I had to tell Mike where we were going so he could help us get there relatively on time. We were trying to get to Montrose Church in time for the 6:30 service, where Byron leads worship and Darrin is the Associate Pastor, but were were about 10 minutes late, so we missed most of the worship set. Bummer. We still had a wonderful time, and after the service, headed over to Glendale to a very fun outdoor plaza shopping center "extravaganza" place called "Americana." Gorgeous place! Tones of shops and restaurants, all in a big square with fountains, statues, and even a playground for the kids! Dinner, laughing, great conversation, jazz music in the background, beautiful atmosphere... doesn't get much better than that!!!!!

It was so great to see some of my favorite kids in the world, Megan, Kevin and Connor, and love on them for the evening, and get caught up with my sweet friend Kathy. And P.S... it was hysterical to watch Mike giving Byron lighting advice inside their worship center... Mike just can't help himself! I think he does this in his sleep! It was a super fun way to spend a Saturday evening!