Sunday, January 07, 2007

A New Year.... Wow, where did that year go? What happened to all those goals, plans, and dreams I had hoped to achieve in 2006? Where did those extra pounds come from? For me, the struggle is all about BALANCE. I spend way too much time stamping, and not nearly enough time with God. My kids, who are teenagers, don't need my personal attention nearly as much (read that: Mom, leave me alone....)so I have a lot of freedom in the evenings to do my own thing. Do you think I would use that time to exercise or work out? No, I'd much rather STAMP or email friends on the computer, or work on a household project. That's where the balance comes in (or in the case of 2006, didn't come in.) I love new beginnings, so I'm excited to once again have the opportunity to begin a new year and set new goals. More time with the Lord, less time stamping (gasp!). More time exercising, less time thinking about it, and hopefully, many more life possibilities.