Monday, June 25, 2007

This week, my precious son, Stephen turned 16. As many of you know, Stephen was adopted at birth by my ex and myself, after a long struggle with infertility and losing 2 babies. He was SOOOO wanted and SOOOO loved. It was inconceivable that I could love anything or anything as much as I loved him. We've had a rough couple of years lately, with court stuff, and him moving back and forth between his dad and I, but through it all, I can honestly say that he continues to be the most adorable, talented, brilliant young man I've ever met, and he continues to challenge me to become a better person as I put into practice all I know to be true about being a godly woman and a godly mom. Here's a picture of Stephen with his 2 best friends as they came over to celebrate his birthday... playing poker and going out toilet papering! Stephen is the one with no shirt!

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