Friday, February 29, 2008

Refuge and Strength

I've been playing around with this set called "Refuge and Strength" in an attempt to find something for the "Shoebox Swap" at Southern California Stampmania V coming up in April. This once a year stamping event is such a blast... a whole day of stamping, meeting new friends, eating, winning prizes, and more stamping. I always come home with dozens of great cards to drool over! We all bring a card for 10 other people to make, put all the supplies in a box, hence the name "shoebox swap." I'm still playing around with colors and patterned paper, so I'm not revealing any secrets yet, and we need to use only current products, so I still need to order some NEW STUFF (oh darn!) but here are a few cards to brighten your day. As the sentiments on the cards say: "Each day of life is a precious gift from God" (Charles Spurgeon) and "God is, and all is well." (John Whittier) AMEN to both of those sentiments today. As I still try to figure out how to deal with the changes in our family regarding my son's new school situation (basically it's a combination of home schooling and independent study, which is causing a lot of pressure on me and a lot of begging, coersing, reminding, and a lot more involvement for me to help him get his assignments finished each week) I need reminding constantly that God is still on the throne of my life, He is Sovereign, He loves me, my son and my daughter, and will never leave us or forsake us. No matter what the circumstances! I try to remember not to focus on the present, but to keep my eye on the future..... the eternal perspective. God Bless You Today and remember that HE LOVES YOU!


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Carol, the cards are beautiful! I stopped and prayed about the Stephen situation. May God bless you and him both!

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