Sunday, May 11, 2008

Georgia on My Mind

Heidi (one of my assistants who leads our KidStuf program at church) and I went to Atlanta a few weeks ago to attend the "Orange" conference, sponsored by ReThink and Northpoint Community Church (Andy Stanley's church). It was an amazing conference. I will have more about it on my other blog: But after the conference, I was able to stay a few extra days to visit old friends from when I used to live in Georgia. It was a bitter sweet time. I have such a mix of memories from Georgia. My kids were born there. I was involved in ministry at 3 amazing churches: Piedmont, Woodstock, and Faith Community, and have dear friends from each of those 3 churches to this day. But it is also where my marriage disolved and I began the journey of single mom-hood, and much of my energy during the last 2 years of living there was spent on that journey. But life moves on no matter where we are, and going back to Atlanta occassionally is good for me. It shows me that God is still faithful, that He is on His throne, that He took care of me THEN and continues to take care of me now. All the kids I had in my ministry then are all grown up and getting married and having kids of their own, so it's a great reminder of why I do what I do.

Me and Pam... the most amazing friend in the world. She was also Emily's 4 year old preschool teacher! (We met when we were both teachers at Woodstock Baptist Preschool.) This is taken upstairs in her new house in her CRAFT ROOM/ office, counseling room, quilting room, former home school classroom. It's bigger than my kitchen and FULL of fun stuff. I could live in this room for a long time and be very happy!

This is Connie McLemore, me and Terri Nordine. It's hard to believe that they were among there very first people and friends I ever met in Georgia, way back in 1988, and we continue to be great friends and have such a wonderful time when we get together (every 3 or 4 years!) This is taken at a Lebonese restaurant in Marietta, where Terri likes to hang out, and she also painted the Mediterranean scene behind us! Terri serves on the staff of "Middle East Bible Outreach" ( and I admire her heart for reaching the lost in an area of the world that is in so much turmoil! We all have teenagers that used to be babies together, so it's so fun to compare notes about our kids when we get together. We had grape leaves, hummus and baklava together... how great is that!?

And finally, this is Jim and Denine Wolden and their daughter Elena. They are actually OLD friends from California (I first met Denine when she was still Denine Plant back in 1982 when I first came to work at FBCOL.) Jim and Denine moved to Acworth Georgia 4 years ago, after I had already moved BACK to California. Small world isn't it... that they would end up just one town over from where I used to live so I could come and visit them whenever I was in town. They always open up their home to me when I'm in town and Elena gets SO excited! Elena, thanks so much for the wonderful saxaphone concert. You are amazing! Keep up the good work. Jim and Denine, thanks for dinner and for taking such good care of me, and making sure that I got back to the airport safely and on time! I love my Georgia family. I only wish they would come to California once in a while to visit us here!

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