Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lakewood High School's Grease

I forgot to post some pictures of Emily in GREASE at Lakewood High School a few weeks ago. It was the last weekend of April and the first weekend of May. In between the first 2 shows and the 2nd 2 shows, I flew to Atlanta for the Orange Conference and BACK, so I was able to squeeze it all in and still see her opening night, and closing night. Of course, she was fabulous and had the best time ever. She really made some good friends through the experience too. Emily had the part of MARTY MARASCHINO.... remember her? The one with all the boyfriends in the Marines? Sang "Freddy My Love"...
She is a born NATURAL on stage... so confident, so happy, so talented!
I love this picture of her Grandma Scheevel and her 2 cousins Jessica and Kayla who came to see her show on opening night! Four Blond Beauties! The four of them have a very special bond, and I'm so glad we all live close enough to each other to spend time together.

Now we're in the all the final rehearsals, set up, costume fittings, load in, etc. for "Annie Get Your Gun" at Biola Youth Theater, which opens June 11 and runs through June 21. She's pretty tired already!

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