Saturday, July 05, 2008

Annie Get Your Gun Fun!

Annie Get Your Gun at Biola Youth Theater June 11-21 was a blast. Emily carried such a busy schedule during May and June, we were afraid she wouldn't really be able to enjoy the show, but once that curtain went up, she was the epitome of professionalism and charm. She has such a great smile when she's up on stage. I am always so proud of her. Here are some photo's taken back stage in between scenes and also after the show was over. You can see some tears being shed because of the seniors who graduated out of the BYT program. I spent most of the shows backstage helping with costume changes, but I also got to see both casts perform.

Here are all the dancers (they had 6 or 7 costume changes during the show.... whew! It was crazy back stage! Can you say febreeze!?) along with "Dolly" "Winnie" and "Nellie" some of the main characters.

This is Emily and her good friend Ashley in their ballroom scene gowns. Wow, can my baby girl kick up her heals!
This is Emily with her friend Josh who played "Frank Butler." What a sweetie. He also played Jesus in Godspell. So talented! Since he's one of the Seniors, this was their last show together. Now it's time to shift gears to the fall show, "Thoroughly Modern Millie," which means tap lessons over the summer! Hopefully by then, Emily will have her driver's license so she can driver herself to some of the rehearsals!

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