Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Busy Summer

Well obviously, I haven't been posting much this summer. In spite of time by myself while both kids were in Indiana, I just couldn't find the time to sit at the computer... not only was it too hot in my house, but I also had an unexpected trip to Indiana myself in the middle of summer. I took my nephew Andrew with me to visit Stephen, and also got to visit Emily too. The 4 of us had a great time together for a few days.

Young adults... oh my goodness. When did that happen???
Stephen had summer school during the mornings, and he also has a part time job at a sandwich shop called "Paradise Bakery" so while he was busy, Emily, Andrew and I either went to the movies, went shopping at the new shopping center where Stephen works... gorgeous!.... or drove around and saw the sights. :0 Look how TALL Stephen has gotten! He has caught up with ME, and is almost caught up with Emily. That is amazing to me, due to the fact that because of his birth mother being very tiny, we never quite knew how tall he might get. He is very excited about that as you can imagine.

One more picture of Stephen and Emily NOT KILLING EACH OTHER. We were having ice cream at a yummy place and sitting outside and they were goofing around, and I was trying to get a nice picture of both of them at the same time. Good Luck with That! I call this their "model" picture...

More to come soon.....

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