Monday, February 02, 2009

Answers to our Christmas Quiz!!

Some of you might have actually taken our "Christmas Quiz" in our Christmas letter and might want to know the answers! Well here they are!
  • Took tap lessons to dance in Thoroughly Modern Millie (Emily: Millie show in Jan 09 just ending last week)
  • Grew about 6 inches (Stephen)
  • Got a job as a Day Camp Counselor (Emily)
  • Went to San Francisco for birthday to see Phantom of the Opera with wonderful friends (Carol: December 08... thanks Jimmy and Jorge!)
  • Took Driver's Ed (both Stephen and Emily)
  • Got Driver's Permit (Emily)
  • Bought a bike, a laptop computer, an I-touch, and loves anything and everything electronic! (Stephen)
  • Moved into a new office (Carol.... just down the hall from my old office, but fun to have a chance to paint and redecorate!)
  • Starred as "Marty Maraschino" in Grease! (Emily: May 08)
  • Got a new Pastor and a new Boss (Carol.... our new pastor is Brent Eldridge, who I've known since he was in elementary school, and my new boss is Dave Friese, who I've known since 1982 when we were both "assistants" at Lakewood.)
  • Got braces off (Emily)
  • Champion WOW player (Stephen)
  • Still serving at FBCOL as Children's Ministries Pastor (me!)
  • Got a job making delicious salads at Paradise Bakery (Stephen)
  • Tutors Math after school (Emily)
  • Began the 11th grade (Both Stephen and Emily)
  • Starred in Godspell and sang the amazing solo "Oh Bless the Lord My Soul." (Emily: Jan. 08)
  • Made several 100 handmade cards (Carol)
  • Had tonsils out a few days before Christmas (Emily... she's doing great... thanks to everyone who prayed for her)
  • Getting braces off in a few weeks (Stephen... any day now hopefully!)
  • Turned 16 (Emily)
  • Turned 17 (Stephen)
  • Growing and learning many things from God (all of us.... me for sure in a super big way!)
  • Danced and sang in the musical "Annie Get Your Gun" (Emily: June 08)
  • Moved to Indiana in March (Stephen)
  • Joined Weight Watchers.... so far so good (Carol .... 15 pounds gone so far)
  • Saw 7 movies in a 5 day period when cousin Andrew came to visit because it was cheap and about the only thing to do in Indiana (Stephen)
  • Time to start thinking about colleges (Stephen and Emily)

God bless you this coming yea! We look forward to seeing what God has in store for all of us this year.

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