Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wow, what a month it's been! Finishing the Children's Ministry Center early March, having our first service in the Clubhouse on March 4; having our appreciation dinner for all the workers (there were over 100 workers altogether) on March 10, then getting ready for April 1st, the official Grand Opening day.

April 1 was insane for me... helping preach the morning message with Pastor John (a huge privilege but glad I don't have to do that every week!) my children's choir singing, planning the barbeque and afternoon celebration for after church, etc. Plus we had invited all the school kids to come to the grand opening, and promised them a free homework pass if they came, so we had over 100 people in KidStuf that day. They even ran out of chairs. The funniest thing that happened on April 1, was that Pastor John and I finished our message a little too early (20 minutes too early!) so we dismissed church, even though we knew KidStuf wasn't over yet. It never occured to me that all those people from "Big Church" would wander right into the KidStuf building and interupt the service! Yikes!

We survived and celebrated with much rejoicing! My favorite part of the day was seeing young and old, "lifers" and new families fellowshipping around the tables, laughing together while kids played in bouncers, etc.

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