Monday, December 31, 2007

A very Merry Late Christmas

Well, my kids got home from their dad's yesterday, after many hours of airplanes, layovers, and waiting for luggage. They were very tired (I could tell by the grouchyness) but we had a few presents to open, including stockings, and I wanted us to have at least 1 nice meal together before they scattered in different directions on New Year's Eve and the days that follow as Emily prepares for Godspell.

Here's Emily opening her much awaited Blake Lewis (American Idol!) CD and new CD holder, since the CD holder that only held 50 cd's was waaaay too small!! PS... aren't her new glass adorable!

And, believe it or not, a very nice picture of Stephen being calm and normal... his main gift this year was a laptop case and laptop cooling fan, but he opened those before he went to Indiana, so yesterday, he only had this book to open. Not too exciting, but it's a phenominal Star Wars "Vault" book.. full of actual tickets, programs, pieces of film, and all kinds of memorabilia. If you're a Star Wars van, it's a must have!

I love this picture of the two of them together... again, it doesn't happen very often, and as the years go by, and we all get so busy, I treasure these all together moments more and more, especially if they're getting along! LOL I know before I blink too many more times, they'll be leaving for college, or moving away, or getting married, etc.

And speaking of getting married (no it's not ME!) my neice Lauren got engaged a few days before Christmas, and her fiance Steve made his debut at our family gatherings over the holidays. He survived all the family "grilling" that we have traditionally put all the men who have tried to make their way into our family. He did quite well. Congratulations Lauren (or LOLO, as she was called as a baby, because her sister Lindsey couldn't say "Lauren") and Steve! I see some stamped wedding stuff in my near future! Woo Hoo!

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Tracy said...

Emily is still beautiful and yes I do like her glasses. Stephen is as handsome as ever - is he still into theater? I noticed there wasn't a mention of it in your annual info update letter so I'm guessing he's not.