Friday, May 08, 2009

Prom Night

My daughter Emily is off to the prom tonight at the Disneyland Hotel with a friend from her Madrigal singing group, Scott. A huge group of her friends met at one of the girls' house to catch the limo/bus thing. Biggest thing I've ever seen! Emily found her dress on clearance at Windsor, and I was very proud of her for being such a good shopper. My mom took it in (because it was way too big) and I added the sequin trim. But by the time you add Limo, dinner, prom tickets, flowers, shoes, nails, hair, spray tan, jewelry, and photo's (and whatever else I'm forgetting), and oh yeah, did I mention HAIR??? it's still a very expensive evening and more than most of us spend on a family vacation or a month's worth of groceries! It's crazy! But they sure looked beautiful and I'm sure they are having a blast.

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