Tuesday, May 01, 2007

It was so much fun to take all my Stampmania goodies to work today to show my stamping buddies Michelle and Beth. They got to drool over all the cards I made and the swap cards I received and the door prize items I received. They were totally jealous, cuz they don't get to spend as much time stamping as I do... (I mean, they actually COOK and CLEAN for their families while I'm stamping!) My son Stephen went back to the doctor this morning to have his elbow looked at (he cracked it a few weeks ago... ONE GUESS what he was doing... yep, that's right...skateboarding! The elbow is slowly healing, but still 4 more weeks with no PE... Now he's fighting a cold and is asleep on the couch at 5:45 pm... AAAAAHHHHHGGGGG, he doesn't need any more excuses for not finishing his homework. These are the times I really HATE being a single mom, when there's no one there to tag team the whole parenting/ homework thing. Pray for me! In the meantime, here's another CRAB card I made last night. Since I was having so much fun making Mike's Birthday card, I had to keep on going.

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