Tuesday, January 08, 2008

And The Curtain Goes Up

Well, after 15 weeks of rehearsals, 8 all day Saturday marathons of painting props, sewing costumes, running lines, practicing dance steps, almost ruining her voice, many voice lessons, tons of fun meeting new friends, staying up late driving home (50 miles per rehearsal... up and back, up and back), the killer week is here. Last night, Emily was at Biola til 11:00; tonight was a stay at home, do homework and eat one last home cooked meal together, and then tomorrow night, we have dress rehearsal, and the show opens on Thursday. I say "we" because I'm doing makeup tomorrow night, and then learning how to "ush" (that's what ushers do, right?) while she's rehearsing. Oh yeah, and we had to run out this afternoon after work and buy a few more things for her costume! It's been a challenging road for her, but she is looking forward to the show opening. I am amazed at her dedication, her ability to develop her talent and skills in the area of singing and dancing (I thought you either "had it" or you didn't... but she has worked very hard at becomming great!), and all during this time, she has maintained almost perfect grades at school, sung in 2 other singing groups, been involved in lots of church things, etc.
Break a Leg, Em! (Why in the world do we say that????) I can't wait to post some photo's, but that will be a while, because we're not allowed to take pictures during the shows, we'll have to wait until the professional photographer gives us the pictures he takes. Every cast member has to take a big BOX to keep all their stuff in during the shows... make up, hair stuff, costume changes, snacks, water, etc. It's called their SHOW BOX. Emily had one a long time ago, but since this is her first show back in California, she needed a new box. Most of the kids write the names of the shows they've been in somewhere on the box, and it becomes sort of a souvenier. I wanted to make Em some kind of special name plate to put on the top of her box, so this is what developed. It's my first time to make a "name plate" using my new alphabet, Letterpress. She really liked it, even though I could tell she still wants to add to it some of her own personality.

It uses Saffron, Vintage Violet, and Celery Paper, and Making Memories "Cheeky/ Abby Words" scrapbook paper as the base, and then adds a bunch of vellum sentiments, brads, swirl clips, etc. The whole thing is about 12 x 9, and is slipped inside a 12 x 12 scrapbook album page protector, then trimmed to size, to tape on the top of the rubbermaid box so it doesn't get wet or ruined. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, even though I was trying to keep it as flat as possible, so I wasn't able to add any RIBBON.... Please keep Emily in your prayers the next few days if you remember, as well as the rest of the cast.... this is an amazing and powerful musical, and I'm sure Satan would desire to attack these precious teenagers, discourage them, cause illness to them, etc. to prevent the GOSPELL from being heard by hundreds these next 2 weeks. Thank you so much.

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Tracy said...

The box looks awesome Carol and may Emily's performance be going well.