Thursday, January 03, 2008

Family Christmas Photos

For those of you who know my family, and know how huge it is, I thought this would be a good place to post some family photos from Christmas. It's always such a blessing for all of us to be together. The Lord has truly knit our hearts together, and in His Sovereignty, has called each of us to be His child. That is the best feeling, to know that we will be together throughout eternity.

My neice Grace, Susie's 3 1/2 year old, on Christmas day. The next picture is Susie's husband Rick, who had just returned from Kuwait 2 days before Christmas, and their son Andrew. Andrew is 16, the same age as Stephen, and he and Stephen are pretty much inseparable. Their dog Bubba is an important part of their family too.

Here you can see my mom, who's still running circles around the rest of us as she travels, takescare of her house and huge yard, sees movies, broadway shows, and concerts several times a week, plus helps Susie, Dennis, and I with anything we need from her. Also you see Lindsey, Susie's oldest daughter, who is busy working full time these days, and next to her is Susie, still juggling four kids on her own while Rick is overseas, age 22 down to age 3 and still works part time. I have no idea how she does it.

I love this cute picturefrom Thanksgiving Day of my sister Dyan holding Gracie and Ellie. Ellie is Dennis and Carolyn's 5 year old, and she loves taking "care" of Josh her little brother, and Grace, when the 3 of them are together. It's cool how the neices and nephews came in spurts, so each group of them have others their own age to hang out with and grow up with. Dyan is the oldest of my siblings, and she loves spoiling all her nieces and nephews.

And here's another one from Thanksgiving.... Grace, Ellie and Josh wearing their turkey hats they made with Aunt Carolyn (Dennis' wife, the school teacher). As you can tell, I've pretty much quit taking pictures of GROWN UPS at our family gatherings, opting for the much cuter little ones. I'll have to try to take some pictures of us grown ups at our next get together.

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