Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Basket Challenge

As many of you know, Splitcoast ( has been giving us a daily challenge this past weeks to make various holiday/ Christmas decorations. I thought I would love each challenge because I love giving handmade gifts to my family and friends, and these challenges would give me some new creative ideas to try, plus the motivation to get them done before December gets here. Well, I haven't done as many as I thought I would, mostly because the challenges have involved materials that I didn't have on hand. That has been a little frustrating, so I'm hoping this coming week there will be some challenges that actually use things I have in my huge stockpile of craft supplies!

This basket was one of the challenges early this past week, and since it only involved cardstock, designer paper, eyelets and ribbon, I could actually get it done. Here are the instructions in case any of you missed them!
Let me warn you that I had a little trouble getting the corner fold correct. At first I folded the corners in the wrong direction and had to redo the folds, but luckily that was before the designer paper was added, so I don't think you can tell. This is going to be filled with candy and given to a co-worker for her birthday next week, so she can keep in on her desk throughout the holidays. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
Tomorrow is our church's 60th birthday celebration, and all my children from church are singing in the morning service, plus my drama team is doing a hilarious skit, and then we're having birthday cake and bouncers after church, so it will be an exciting day! I better get to bed!

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