Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sweet Friendship

Last night I hosted a dinner party at my house for 3 wonderful, sweet, amazing girlfriends from HIGH SCHOOL. We just had our 30th class reunion a few weeks ago, and one of my best friends, Judy, couldn't attend because she lives so far away. Because she was in town for Thanksgiving, I decided to host a mini reunion in her honor. I had originally invited 10-12 people, but it ended up only being 4 of us... so we had lots of time to gossip (nice gossip... really!), laugh, while we tried to remember who dated whom, who broke who's heart, what we wore to the prom, why we did or didn't make the cheerleading squad, etc.

Here is a picture of the four of us last night... Becky, me, Linda, and Judy. I didn't meet these girls until jr. high, because I went to a different elementary school than they did, but I sure am glad God placed them in my life! Judy and I were flag twirlers together, I helped introduce her to her husband Jimmy Carter (no lie!) and also to Jesus. I was in her wedding 25 years ago (ouch!) and she is one of only 3 or 4 people that I remained close to when I moved to Atlanta for 12 years. Linda introduced me to my very first boyfriend... Danny S... he was her next door neighbor. Boy, did I fall fast and hard! Becky and I were also in cheerleading together and also worked very hard in CSF together... making teriyaki chicken skewers for scholarship funds until our fingers were frozen. I LOVE YOU GIRLS! God is so good to allow us to spend time with people who bless our lives, even though life has taken us on many different paths!

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