Saturday, November 10, 2007

Godspell at Biola

My daughter and I spent the day today working hard on her upcoming production of Godspell at Biola Youth Theater. If you aren't familiar with Biola, it a Christian University in Southern California (where I graduated from) that was origianally called "Bible Institute of Los Angeles" (thus the acronym BIOLA) and was started in 1907. (Wow!) About 15 years ago, they began a program to teach theater and music to home school kids, which eventually turned into "Biola Youth Theater." It is an AMAZING program that allows kids to participate in community theater in a safe, well supervised, moral environment, and teaches them Christian principles while they learn to sing, dance, and act! This is my daughter's third production, and she was fortunate this time to earn a LEAD in Godspell, as Joanna... Joanna is the disciple that sings "Oh Bless the Lord My Soul." I am amazed at her dancing and singing abilities..... and so thrilled that she is meeting wonderful friends in the process. Of course, I secretly hope she'll want to attend Biola in a few years when she gets ready to choose a college, but she's determined to move farther away... like New York! Let's hope and pray she realizes that musical theater majors don't make any money, and that she'll also choose to pursue her passion and gift for MATH so she can EAT while she performs on Broadway! If you want to see Godspell on stage at Biola, I would strongly recommend it! The shows are Jan. 10 - 12, and also Jan. 17-19 and you can get tickets by calling (562) 906-4574, or

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